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Fabric Description

COTTON: A fibrous material that forms clumps around the mallow family of tropical plants. Cotton fibers breathe and absorbs liquid easily as the cotton strands are hollow. They are not straight fiber and are made straight in order weaver them in a process called memorization. Cotton blends will with other natural fibers or syn ethics. CREPE: A fabric that can be woven with many different types of fibers and creates a crinkled or rough and or dull surface. Crepe is a dignified classy fabric that imparts it's own beauty, cleans easily, does not wrinkle easily and has great we arability. DUPIONI SILK: Name come an Italian word meaning double. Original spelling is: Doupioni.The silk filament come from a cocoon that are interlocked or so cramped together that they have to be spun together. It make a strong fabric with irregular stubs. It's dyed strong colors, and be easily woven with iridescent or two toned threads to create a warp or weft thread. It's courser, tougher than most other silks, Makes great wall hanging with stubs threads texture only in one direction.

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